Back Alley Artists 2016: Mallory Donen



Mallory Donen is from White Rock, British Columbia. In June 2015, Donen graduated from UFV with a Bachelor of Fine Arts, Visual Arts Major and was appointed to the Dean’s List of Distinguished Students. She specializes in various disciplines including photography, print media, painting, and drawing. Donen recently completed her first year in the Master of Fine Art program, at the University of Manitoba, in Winnipeg.

Artist's Statement

My artistic practice investigates pattern, color, and line, through various mediums including painting, drawing, photography, print media, and digital art. Using an approach through intuition, I explore the infinite potential of art. When I begin a new work I rarely have a vision of what I am going to draw, paint, etc. I let my imagination guide the process and as I create images I respond to the lines and shapes that begin to unfold. My inspirations come from references to the patterns and forms that exist within nature and architecture. Recurring themes in my work include growth, transformation, fluidity, symmetry, asymmetry, chaos, and order.

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