The Purple Stapler presents

the 3rd Annual 

Back Alley Artists Night!


The Back Alley Artists Night is an annual, one night showcase brought to you by The Purple Stapler. It features the work of visual artists, filmmakers, slam poets, performance art and musicians from the Lower Mainland and provides an opportunity for cross discipline networking while celebrating amazing artists.

Date: June 4th, 2016

Location: CBC Studio 700 @ 700 Hamilton Street, Vancouver, B.C. V6B 2R5 

Doors will open at 7:00PM, giving you the opportunity to mingle and find seats before the start of the short films and performances at 7:30pm. After the close of the last piece, you will be invited to vote for The Back Alley Audience Choice Awards: "Visual Art" and "Film and Performance". Here is a more detailed order of events.

We will have beer for purchase (sponsored by the amazing Storm Brewing) and a few light snacks.

Why are we hosting this event?

  1. To showcase the emerging artists of Vancouver.

  2. To provide an opportunity for networking.

  3. To celebrate the coming of summer and all of the hard work that emerging artists have done in this past year.

The 4th Annual Back Alley Artists Night
from 15.00

Purchasing a ticket to the 4th Annual Back Alley Artists Night in advance puts you on our guest list and grants you access to this evening of artistic celebration on July 8 & 9th.


Don't want to buy tickets in advance? Join our guest list here and pay at the door!

Participating Artists

Beginning February 2nd until May 10th, Visual Artists, Filmmakers, Musicians and Performers were encouraged to submit their work for consideration for inclusion in this one night artists showcase and the chance to win one of our sponsored Audience Choice Awards - each of which include another presentation of their works at a local venue!

Visual Artists

Mallory Donen

Tamara Lauzon

Amanda Smart

Samantha Gerrit

Malory McGovern

Karen Merrifield

Lindsey Brumm

Tony Trash

Slam poets


Mitcholos Touchie

Coral More

Short Films

Adriana Doris Moser - “An Act of Inspiration”

Angie Hawes - “The Normans”

Fiddlestick Films - "Killer Shot"

Sammy Chien - “Kodama”

Egor Revenko - “Across False Creek”

Performance Art

Uninvited Guests Collective - “Fit to Touch”

Live Music

Jeff Gladstone and the Bad Ideas

Old Soul Rebels

Sail with Kings


2016 Audience Choice Awards

Visual Art

This year we are thrilled to be able to offer a one month solo exhibition in August 2016 to the Audience Choice Visual Artist in recognition of their work as an emerging. This award is graciously sponsored by Cafe Rustico who has offered their venue for this exhibition and includes an opening week gala to celebrate and network!


Samantha Gerrit


Amanda Smart

Film and Performance

This year we have such an incredible selection of artists that we just had to expand our roster of disciplines! This is the first time that we are showcasing performance art and slam poetry, as well as the first Audience Choice Award that includes our incredible live musicians. In the interest of offering value to all of our participants we will be hosting a Spotlight event at Heartwood Community Cafe on August 26th which will feature the top three Audience Choice films and performances, providing an opportunity for longer sets and Q&A's with the artists. Thanks to Heartwood's generous sponsorship, we will be able to offer each artist a percentage of ticket sales from this August Spotlight event.


Old Soul Rebels (band), Mitcholos Touchie (slam poet), Killer Shot (short film)


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