After shooting in December 2014, we are now in post-production for this short film! Perseverance was the name of the game for this project and we're soo thrilled with the footage. Can't wait to share it with you! But for now, here are some still photos from the set.


An observational comedy, "Yes, Obviously" takes you into the heart of Eve and Corey's relationship. These two brave women - who have loved and lived together for one year and seven months - are on a precipice. Grad school.

When Corey gets a letter of acceptance into a prestigious, Ivy League Law School, she proposes to her girlfriend Eve so that they can leave Canada together and chase their dreams. Spurred by excitement, Eve pulls out a camera and insists on filming a time capsule video to remember this "super pivotal and emotional moment" until the end of their days, and captures the hard realizations of two young people struggling to make the "right" decisions for their future.


Eve…… Jess Marlow

Corey…… Lauren Donnelly



Producer…… Connor Rielly

Producer...... Lauren Barker

Executive Producer...... Elisabeth Rose Astwood

Director...... Elisabeth Rose Astwood

1st Assistant Director...... Rafe Larsen

Story / Screenplay...... Karina Palmitesta

Screenplay...... Elisabeth Rose Astwood

Director of Photography...... Nathanael Vass

Crew (CONT'D)

First AC / Grip...... Michael Yeung

Sound Recordist / Sound Designer...... Penelope Walcott

Script Supervisor...... Katya Epstein

Production Designer...... Elisabeth Rose Astwood

Makeup Artist.... Chieh Huang

Editor...... Rafe Larsen

(To be updated with post production)



Adriana Doris Moser

Without whom, this film would never have been made.


Originally written and produced as a one act play for the 2013 UBC Brave New Play Rites Festival, "Yes, Obviously" has been in the works for 2 years. Through a series of workshops, rehearsals and adaptations, this story has been developed into the honest, relatable story of two woman struggling to find their path in today's world at the end of university.