February 1 - April 30

luppolo brewing - 1123 Venables St

OPENING: February 9th @ 8pm


At our 4th Annual Back Alley Artists Night on July 8 + 9, 2017 at CBC Studio 700, we had the pleasure of presenting visual artist Yasir Ali with our Audience Choice Award for Visual Artists.

Thanks to the generous sponsorship of Luppolo Brewing - the award includes a three month long art exhibition in their brewery from February 1 - April 30. 

GALLERY OPENING: February 9 @ 8pm - come chat with the artist over a beer and listen to a local band!


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Born and raised in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Yasir's journey with art started as an exploratory process of understanding the real through the abstract. Over the past ten years he has been part of art shows both in Canada and U.A.E. He obtained an engineering degree from the University of Alberta in 2014.

When not in the studio; he enjoys spending time outdoors. Yasir has been an active member of various NGOs for the past 6 years, and is presently working towards creating a cohesive understanding of art with respect to community resiliency and engagement.

Yasir currently works in design as part of the custom Design-Build Industry in Vancouver, BC.

artist statement

I am a graduated engineer from the University of Alberta. Having lived the majority of my life in busy metropolitan centres in Canada and the Middle East, my art has been heavily influenced by both my education and my travels.

All my pieces are mixed media – with acrylics playing a big role in setting the tone and contrast of every piece. This is then complemented with gel mediums, spray paints, and wax – the usage of which is dependent on the nature of the work.

My intention in creating art is to help understand fragments of societal constructs on a deeper level; and in doing so represent them in an abstract manner that connects with every viewer’s psyche.

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Luppolo Brewing

Luppolo Brewing Co. is owned and operated by two couples: Eleanor Stewart and Ryan Parfitt, and Anique Ross and Federico (Fede) Stucchi. Ryan, Anique and Eleanor were born and raised in Vancouver and Anique and Eleanor have been friends for over twenty years.

Their love of beer and entertaining led to the dream of one day opening their own brewery and being part of BC’s craft beer revolution.

At Luppolo Brewing Co. we are inspired by the opportunity to share our love of quality, craft beer with our community: you


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