The Purple Stapler Arts Society is a community focused arts organization that facilitates the creative activism of emerging artists by creating opportunities for learning, mentorship, public presentation, interdisciplinary collaboration and networking within a framework of conscientiousness and equity.


Our vision is to connect a community of interdisciplinary artists that respects and provides space for diverse voices.


Authenticity, Compassion, Equity, Creativity, and Professionalism.

Statement of Diversity & Inclusion

The Purple Stapler Arts Society actively promotes and recognizes principles of equity, and social justice in relation to, and across, intersections of race, age, color, disability, faith, religion, ancestry, national origin, citizenship, sex, sexual orientation, social class, economic class, ethnicity, gender identity, gender expression, and all other identities represented among our diverse membership.  

We foster community building through inviting artists of many different disciplines to come together and share their work with one another. We acknowledge the importance of positive artistic collective experiences. We are not just allies but accomplices.


Founded in 2013, projects include but are not limited to: The Annual Back Alley Artists Night – a celebration of emerging artists including film, visual art and live performance; The Writers Forum – a bi weekly group with over 35 workshops of fiction, stage, graphic form, etc; In Need of Caffeine – a short film; LGBT Youth Voices – a short film; and Sylva Art Workshops – a collection of environmental art workshops.

Header photo credit: Dave Rom