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Below you will find any volunteer positions that we are currently seeking to fill.

Current volunteer opportunities

Date: September 22, 2017

Performance Host - Stage Manager - Photographer - Artist Liaison

For Chrysalis.


Back Alley Artists Night 2017

Date: Saturday, July 8 & Sunday, July 9

Location: CBC Studio 700 - 700 Hamilton Street, Vancouver, BC

Our vision of the Back Alley Artists Night is an annual exhibition featuring the work of emerging visual artists, filmmakers, slam poets, performance art and musicians from the Lower Mainland and provides an opportunity for cross discipline networking while celebrating amazing artists.

We are currently seeking help in the following areas:

Social Media, Sponsorship, Photography, Hosting, Production

Canopy Auditions

Date: Saturday, June 25, 2016

Location: Stanley Park (contact for more info)

How would it feel if right now - regardless of what you are doing - you blinked and saw the outreaching limbs of an ancient forest high in the canopy above you? If -- after seemingly being transported through space and time - you realize that you aren't alone, as you first thought. Everyone you care about is with you. Each at the base of a tree, plugged in. What would you do?

Canopy is a short, transrealist film tasked with instigating dialogue around how we as global citizens use technology in our lives and our motivation to do so. Written and directed by The Purple Stapler's founder - Elisabeth Rose Astwood - this film is in the process of pre-production, shooting July 9/10 or July 16/17.

If you would like to know more or become involved, please feel welcome to contact us.

Currently we are casting:

Carolyn: (protagonist)(20s)(female gender identity)(any ethnicity)(no dialogue) 

3rd Annual Back Alley Artists Night

Date: Saturday, June 4, 2016

Location: CBC Studio 700 - 700 Hamilton Street, Vancouver, BC

The Back Alley Artists Night is an annual, one night showcase brought to you by The Purple Stapler. It features the work of emerging filmmakers, visual artists, slam poets and musicians from the Lower Mainland and provides an opportunity for cross discipline networking while celebrating amazing artists.

Bartender / Front of House: We are looking for a bartender with Serving it Right Certification to - you guessed it - tend the bar for the first half of the event and operate the front of house for the second.

Photographer:  We are looking for someone to photograph the evening, including: visual art, live music, film, slam poetry, performance art and networking.

Videographer: Help us capture some of the magic of this night! 

Load in Crew: From 10am - 7pm we will be loading in and setting up the art gallery, screening area, bar, etc. It would be great to have some hands on deck to assist.

Load out Crew: From approximately 11:30pm-2am we need to strike our set and get it back into the uhaul truck. Any extra hands would be greatly appreciated.

***All volunteers are provided with a complimentary drink ticket, encouraged to network at the event, and provided snacks in the greenroom. 

Film Producer(s)

Posted: September 4th, 2015

Date: ASAP

Project (s):

  1. Canopy - short film - Caroline wakes up in a forest. Where every tree has a human host.
  2. Autumn Brown - short film - Brian is super excited for his date! But wait... what time was it?
  3. Let's Talk Arts - a local arts web series - featuring interviews and local arts advice.


We are currently entering pre-production for three new film projects - two short films and one webseries - but we need some more team members. We need someone to help us make a plan to access some money for production and do other producer-like deeds. Will you take up our crusade?

Please send us your:

  • resume
  • demo (if you have one)
  • imdb link

2015 Back Alley Artists Night: On Site Technician

Posted: May 6th, 2015

Date: May 23rd

Project: The 2nd Annual Back Alley Artists Night

Location: CBC Studio 700
Time: 11am - Midnight


We're looking for a technician to help us run lights, sound and projector.

Lighting setup would be basic, switching between a room wash and darkness for films. Projections will be operating a VLC playlist and a powerpoint. You would need to set up the projector. Sound will be no more than 4 microphones, providing basic reinforcement for the MC and various 1-3 person bands. Just make sure it doesnt feedback

This is a 100% volunteer event by artists for artists. We will of course make sure you are fed as well as offer you a free 1 year membership. 

This is a networking event for filmmakers and musicians, so bring your business cards and we'll make sure you talk to the right people.

Find out more about the event here.

Production Assistant

Posted: May 13th, 2014

Date: Now - August 1st

Project: Our Yes, Obviously Short Film


Making movies is expensive, even when the cast and crew are volunteering. We need to be able to rent camera gear and lights and sound equipment. Not to mention feed our team on the 12 hour a day shooting schedule that we need in order to keep rental costs as low as possible.


We are looking for someone to assist with marketing material, product placement, grant writing and our film's Indiegogo Campaign.

Will you help us promote equality of the genders and LGBT community? Help us put talented women filmmakers in the spotlight and represent complex, three dimensional young women on screen? 

Duties may include: 

Calling potential sponsors and organizations, planning/facilitating social media campaigns to increase outreach, and some administrative duties.