2016 Spring Newsletter

Spring has sprung and I am just filled with renewed excitement for all of the projects we've got in the works here at The Purple Stapler! I've been spending my time down here in Seattle working on my little porch in the sunshine submitting contracts, designing posters and scheduling while birds chirp and my cat rolls around in the dirt like the dog she is at heart.

Today is April 16th and while I love how much time I am able to dedicate to The Purple Stapler, it has been a constant challenge keeping up with what needs to happen on the ground in Vancouver - even with our wonderful team! We are growing and evolving like a curious child and are developing a need for more leaders within our group. The more hands (and heads!) on deck, the more people we can continue to reach, artists to showcase, fundraisers we can host, grants we can apply for.... the list is limitless! Our goal is to create a community of support for artists of all disciplines and so far I can't be more proud of the work we have done together. Who's up for the next growth spurt? 

This spring we have a ton of projects coming up!

  • We are hosting a modest fundraiser at Simply Delicious on April 30th for our upcoming short film where we will be supporting writers with the opportunity
     to read their works to an audience and receive BFA graduate + MFA student feedback.
  • We will be hosting our 3rd Annual Back Alley Artists Night on June 4th, again at the CBC Studio 700! If you haven't been before, it is a fantastic evening of emerging art featuring: visual art, short films and live music where we offer sponsored prizes to audience choice winners such as a gift certificate to gear houses and art supply stores.
  • We will be shooting Canopy: a short, contemporary science fiction film tasked with instigating dialogue around how we as global citizens use technology in our lives as well as our motivation to do so.
  • And of course our bi-weekly writers workshop is still going strong!

As you can see, our hands are - quite happily - full! If you are interested in joining the team, there is plenty to sink your teeth into. Shoot us an email with some of your interests/talents and don't worry about experience. We're always looking for new friends.

Keep in touch!

Elisabeth Rose Astwood, President & Founder

Email: elisabeth@thepurplestapler.com