Back Alley Visual Artists: Josh Harnack

Josh Harnack

When Josh 18 he was diagnosed with testicular cancer. Though there was a 95% success rate Josh truly felt his mortality. Looking through new eyes he started seeing people for who they really were, animals in disguise. This has led Josh to paint in a Surreal Anthropomorphist style to best capture humanity and animalistic nature combined. His work is currently based on a contrast of animals in formal attire. These opposites are intended provoke thoughts based on the raw truth of who we are and to challenge a projected idea that with formality comes civility. 

Josh Harnack born in 1994 from Sherwood park, Alberta, always had a passion and love for art. It wasn’t until High School that Josh started to create artwork outside the classroom. When Josh was 18 he was diagnosed with testicular cancer and required surgery. Shortly after, he moved to Vancouver to attend Film School for Acting. During his time in Film School is when he created the first of his Anthropomorphised Animals. Later he created his first ever six piece Animal series. Josh was then diagnosed with cancer for the second time and moved back to Edmonton for undergo radiation therapy. He later returned to Vancouver to graduate film school. Months after graduating, during a routine checkup, Josh was then diagnosed with cancer for the third time and had to move back to Edmonton for Chemotherapy. Josh is now back living in Vancouver healthy and more inspired than ever.

Instagram: joshharnackart - Facebook: Josh Harnack

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