Back Alley Visual Artists: Gamelle Fitzgibbon

Gamelle Fitzgibbon

Artist Statement

I focus on three elements in my art: movement, composition, and colour. I am inspired by people and the changes that environment and emotions can have on facial expressions and movement. I try to capture the essence of people through portraiture and form using a variety of media, including canvas, wood, collage, and printmaking.

I enjoy working with the sensual nature of charcoal as it is easy to manipulate, layer, and create tone, depth, texture, and contrast, especially when contrasted with the bright, smooth pigments of acrylic paint and watercolours.

I invite you to share my journey and exploration into the personal and universal concepts of individuality and identity.

Artist Bio

Gamelle FitzGibbon is a contemporary artist working from a studio located in Vancouver's West End. Growing up internationally in Europe, South America, and the Middle East, Gamelle's rich life experiences at an early age influenced her perspective of culture and human nature. Her artistic style of layering mediums reflects creativity that is a direct result of her varied and unconventional upbringing. Gamelle pursued a Bachelor in Education in Art and Spanish at the University of Victoria, graduating in 2009 with the Maxwell A. Cameron Award for Outstanding Graduate. After working on a career in education with five years teaching Spanish at a private high school in Calgary, Alberta, being involved in the art world only on weekends, Gamelle returned to the westcoast to embark on a career as a full-time artist.

Gamelle's early years in Victoria, with its natural beauty and constant changing sea, were pivotal in the development of the loose, fluid style of her work. Artists such as Andy Goldsworthy, who draws inspiration from the natural world, and the eclectic work of Victorian printmaker Pat Martin Bates, were also seminal in the development of the varied style of her art. Gamelle finds being surrounded by wild places and the westcoast waves a muse for both her art and photography. The human form and the volatility of movement are also artistic inspirations. Travel, culture, and language continue to shape Gamelle's life, her art, and creative processes.  - Twitter & Instagram: @studiogamelle

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