Back Alley Artists Night 2017: Julian Figueroa



Julian Figueroa is a University of British Columbia Alumni of the BFA Film Production program and currently runs a commercial and narrative film production company in Vancouver called Kinetic Cuts. He has directed over 5 short films and edited over 400 commercials, corporate videos, short films as well as a handful of feature films. He has a passion for telling highly thematic and visually unique films in as many genres as possible (to keep it interesting!). He hopes to collaborate with more directors in Vancouver and the lower mainland with a passion for creating locally driven stories and content, and is also interested in producing/financing more projects with local filmmakers. See more and get in touch at


Filmed on the beautiful Sunshine Coast in British Columbia, Canada, Big Mouth Billy Bass (BMBB) is primarily inspired by a deep appreciation for visual storytelling - from the silent masterpieces of Buster Keaton and Charlie Chaplin, to the surreal and visually striking works of Terry Gilliam and Edgar Wright. I wanted to tell a comedic story and provoke a theme very close to me - the idea that die hard competitive spirit can often make us lose sight of those around us as well as who we really are. It's a story I believe not only fishermen, but filmmakers will relate to - the idea that our ambitions can sometimes consume our identity when not in check. Hope everyone enjoys!