Back Alley Artists Night 2017: Mildred Grace German



Mildred Grace German was born and raised in the Philippines and came to Vancouver, Canada as a migrant youth in the late 90s on the sponsorship of her mother.

As a multi-disciplinary artist, German participated in many art venues. In the past, German’s artworks and participation were featured as part of the Art in the Court, Asian Canadian Online Project, Pinoy Poetiks, Roots, Rhymes and Resistance, World Mad Pride, the Work of Migration Exhibition, Centre A Political Fashion Show, Heart of the City Festival, the New Moon Festival, LIVE World Biennale of Performance Arts, the Maleta Exhibition at Gallery Gachet, and the Museum of Vancouver.

Her installation piece “Waiting” was featured in the book, Families Apart: Migrant Mothers and the Conflict of Labor and Love by University of British Columbia Geography Professor Geraldine Pratt.

German was also able to attend the 2008 Governor General’s Urban Arts Forum. In the same year, she also performed an interpretive dance at an international conference in Hong Kong, China. She also became part of the Vancouver Public Library’s “Voices” mentored by Japanese-Canadian writer and then Writer-in-Residence Hiromi Goto.

German also participated in the silent art auction at the First Migrante BC Gala in Vancouver on March 2016, and at the First Migrante BC TFW Conference in December 2016. In July 2016, German was part of the Mad City Group Exhibition at Gallery Gachet in Vancouver.

German also collaborated with several artists collectives. For many years, German was an active member of Sinag Bayan Arts Collective, where she was able to express her roots, and became a cultural worker making community banners and murals. She also became a member of the Philippine Artist Network for Community Integrative Transformation (PANCIT) under the facilitation of internationally-recognized Filipino muralist and cultural educator Bert Monterona. German is also a member of the Motivation, Power, and Achievement Society, where she paints at the Resource Centre Art Studio.

German also studied Culinary Arts and Patisserie Arts, and became a Professional Cook Apprentice under the Red Seal Program. She also was a volunteer radio technician and program host for several years at the Vancouver Co-op Radio.

In addition to art, she also likes to read, watch the sunset, listen to music, talk philosophy, and play with her cat.

Artist Statement

Title: Disconnected


How do we define this feeling---

That there is this vague truth

That suddenly we can lose control

Of our mind, our body, our soul?

That this life may not be ours?


We look around, in wake or sleep

The many corners, angles, and geographies

Of the past, the present, of the intangible future

Many obeys, many strives the unfamiliar paths

May our young still ask, why this vast universe?

We are forbade of perpetuity

Yet, there are pains that may never heal


Everyone may be living, but not all

May be breathing, or just grasping

While technologies and luxuries tower

Many remain lost in the ruins

Adrift, sunken, or migrating

Many are barely surviving

Fearing or braving the death-defying

Connecting the dots of alarms vs surprises

Privileges or circumstances

More may build some more

While more has nothing to built on


Wandering and wondering

Questioning, educating, preaching

Minding, ignoring, then forgetting

Many are just watching

Hoping, praying

Waiting--- for what?


A mystery, or misery

Tangled by patterns and hues


Deep abstruse


Disconnected / 16x18in, acrylic / $250

Disconnected / 16x18in, acrylic / $250