The 4th Annual Back Alley Artists Night: SCHEDULE

*** There are 2 DAYS of presenting artists this year! Tickets include the full festival - Sunday is otherwise by donation.


In order to include as many artists as we could possibly fit into one room for one exciting evening, we will be opening doors at 7pm and closing them at 11:50pm. Award announcements may happen as late as 11pm but how lucky are we to have such a great lineup of artists and content! Check it out:

7pm - Guests will be invited to enter the space to mingle, interact with the visual art and get settled.

Visual Artists include: Visual Artists include: Lukas Kasper, James Kokol, Jessica Wiebe, Alex Brereton, Diana Magallon, Tianna Barton, Eunna Choi, Marcela Gonzalez, Yasir Ali, Mildred Grace German, Tony Trash, Jasmine Sanchez-ziller, Mythical man, Frederic Chevalier, Emma Badia, and Patricia Haley-Tsui.

7:30pm - A Warm "Welcome to Event" from our host followed by:


  1. Short film - Jump in Love 
  2. Short film - New Year New
  3. Short film - Illusionist’s Visions
  4. Short film - The Lives of Others
  5. Slam Poet - Tia Mueller
  6. Musician - The Rabbitts

Intermission One - We will take a fifteen minute intermission to mingle and interact with the visual art.


  1. Short Film - A Viewing
  2. Short Film - Water is Life
  3. Dance - Voice
  4. Slam Poet - Justin Bige
  5. Musician - Edith Wallace

Intermission Two - We will take a fifteen minute intermission to mingle and interact with the visual art.


  1. Short Film - iRony
  2. Short Film - Switzerland
  3. Slam Poet - Velveteen Queens
  4. Musician - Kristina Lao

At the close of our last musician - our MC will say a quick thank you and open online voting for the 4th Annual Back Alley Artists Night: Audience Choice Awards!

Fifteen minutes later, we will announce the winners of the Audience Choice Awards and encourage celebration and networking. 


With such a plethora of submissions this year, I just had to expand our festival! 


  1. A Happy Dinner
  2. The Man Who Forgot To Breathe
  3. Hola, soy Géminis
  4. Dogbin
  5. Birds
  6. Big Mouth Billy Bass


This is always my favorite time of year and I look forward to meeting you!

Elisabeth Rose Astwood - Founder and Artistic Director