2016 Winter Newsletter

Wowie! How are ya'll doing this bright new year? 

February 2016 is now and we can't believe how many great things are in the works! So much has changed and evolved over the past few months here at The Purple Stapler. Our founder Elisabeth moved to Seattle in November to pursue her MFA in Arts Leadership and has been working overtime to keep things running here in Vancouver with the rest of the team - Carolynne our VP, in particular has been invaluable! Both women have been traveling between the two cities and there may be rumors of expanding south of the border..... 

In the meantime, Tristan has been incredible and has taken over most of the organizing of our bi-weekly writers workshop - The Purple Stapler Writers Forum! The next workshop will be February 21st from 3-5pm and if you're interested, we'd love to have you there.

Also in the works, we've booked a venue for the 3rd Annual Back Alley Artists Night! June 4th at CBC Studio 700 again, woo! Sooo.... that means that we're looking for participants again and as our members, don't forget that you get to submit your work for no cost. 

BUT the most exciting news - in our humble opinion - is our upcoming Annual General Meeting and Members Meetup! We'll be voting in our newest board member, asking you how we can better support your work as artists in Vancouver and just getting to know each other. You don't have to come.... but who doesn't like spending time with people that want to do things for you, eh?  

Keep in touch!