Back Alley Visual Artists: Ben Z Cooper

Ben Z Cooper

About the Artist 
Ben Z Cooper is a creative director at Hfour Design, a studio that specializes in interactive art installations for festivals and other events. He is also an award-winning cinematographer, an independent artist who exhibits work regularly around Vancouver, and is the sponsorship coordinator for Vancouver’s Mini Maker Faire. He enjoys biking, music, and scouring thrift stores for the next piece of inspiration.

Artist Statement
Ben has always had a drive to create. Being a visual person, Ben found it easier to create images or items to articulate his thoughts. These thoughts range from environmentalism and politics to our sense of time and our place in the universe. This art is usually created with either salvaged materials or with state of the art computer technology. This odd symbiosis is central to all of Ben's work: Understanding the old while living the new.

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