Back Alley Visual Artists: Rami Katz

Rami Katz


Rami Katz is a Vancouver-based filmmaker and photographer. His short films have screened in prominent film festivals across North America, and his photography frequently exhibits in Vancouver. Rami is currently enrolled in the MFA in Film Production program at the University of British Columbia, and holds a BFA in Film from Simon Fraser University. 

Artist Statement

I use photography as a way to connect with people and spaces. This exhibition features photographs I took while traveling in various locations, all featuring men staring into the camera. Originally random travel photos, I curated these pictures together for this exhibition to create a visual study of masculinity.

Email: - Twitter: @ramihkatz - Instagram: @katzigensky

Featured Artworks

Gazing, Athens

Looking, Montreal

Peering, East Van

Staring, Jerusalem

Watching, Toronto