Back Alley Visual Artists: Hugh Blackman

Hugh Blackman

My artistic journey... 

I grew up in a family of musicians and artists and seemed to always have a stringed instrument or paint brush in my hands. My early art influences and instruction were from Saskatchewan artists Mac Hone and Molly Lawrence and BC artist Flora Snowdon. I studied art formally at Emily Carr University of Art and Design and then Simon Fraser University. At present, I have reconnected with Emily Carr University. 


1992-93 Simon Fraser University-- Master of Education

1984    Simon Fraser University-- P.D.P. Teacher Education Program 

1981-88 Simon Fraser University--B of Ed. Archaeology, English and Education

1980        Emily Carr College of Art--Foundation Program  

Artist statement 

Connecting art with viewers-- Representing the world in a digital era. 

Trying to visually capture our amazing world has always been my fascination. I have explored concepts and tried to make sense of things through 2D and 3D art. My focus is on the kinaesthetic interplay of air and water and how it affects our perception of the world. To try and capture this motion and bring the image alive is the desire in each painting.To do this I try to let the materials have freedom and not to be overly governed by realism. 

Over the years I have tried to carve out time in a busy life to create art. My mind and body are in a trance like meditative state and the creative energy is an addictive feeling. I have always found it hard to part with my creations and over the years have sold and loaned my art to ‘good homes’. I love that people appreciate the images and I am honoured that they find wall space for my art!


Featured Artworks

Blue Thing