Back Alley Visual Artists: Chen Han Fei

Chen Han Fei

Chen Han Fei is currently a year 2 visual arts major (BFA) in Emily Carr University of art and design located in Vancouver, Canada. Prior to this, he graduated from Singapore Polytechnic with a diploma in media and communications.

Born and raised in Singapore, Han is influenced by politics surrounding the country and the need to illuminate societal issues that arises on a day-to day basis. His mother has been a great influence in his art as well, often dedicating his pieces to her.

He is currently majoring in visual arts with a concentration in sculpture and has made more than 10 contemporary sculptures/installations throughout his first year at Emily Carr. Three of his works has been exhibited in the 2014 

Emily Carr foundation show and two out of these three were handpicked by university professors, Mimi Gellman (MOMA) & Henry Tsang to be in the curated section of the show. Han usually employs the use of lights and shadows in many of them. The medium he uses ranges from photography to film, plaster, wood, ready-mades, mirrors and glass.

Aside from conceptual art, Han has been an independent photographer and filmmaker since 2009. He has made more than 5 short films (screened in 2 festivals and Singapore’s old school Sinema).

The artist does not believe in solely sticking to one medium, he also paints and loves working with canvas as big as 8 feet in length. He is heavily influenced by Jackson Pollock and mimics his dripping paint techniques but maintains a good balance between that and his own style. The canvas he uses are usually tore in the process of aggressive action painting. He often invites fellow artist to join into the process and this is his way of exploring automatism and the exquisite corpse. The results of these interactions makes for very interesting paintings.

Han hopes to accomplish many things in his art but ultimately, he wants his art to be genuine, sincere and easy to understand. He believes in revealing truths about society and also doing everything in his ability to get a point across.

Chen Han Fei's Featured Artwork:

Untitled - 47″ x 112″ - Canvas, Acrylic paint, oil pastels, textile ink paint - $199