In Need of Caffeine: A Short Film

Whether you are in high school, college, working a full time job or maintaining a family, some days you just need a "cup of joe" to help you keep on keeping on.

Am I right?

I feel like this is a normal feeling that isn't appreciated by Hollywood. Not everything has a happy ending. Some things just end in a deep breath, a shot of espresso and a poor night's sleep.

To me, stories about everyday people dealing with everyday problems are just as important and interesting as ones about superheroes. Not only do I want everyday situations, but situations that most people don't realize are common..

To "set the stage" for this I chose to address the new social norm of talking about emotionally significant events in coffee shops, like Starbucks. I find it fascinating that these places are versatile enough to allow studying, mingling, meetings, interviews, arguments, reunions, group sessions... you name it, it's happened.

From there, I created these characters: Joanne, the breadwinner of the family; Frank, a stay at home dad; Daniel, a special needs child that really likes hot chocolate; Jenny, a girl struggling with bad news; Alex, her supportive boyfriend; and the Barista, a young woman unhappy with her job.

I believe that these components, together, created the kind of story I long to understand and share.

The premise of the film is as follows:

Joanne has hit a breaking point and can no longer continue to care for their special needs child in a home where she does not feel loved. She has asked Frank to meet her, alone, at the local cafe but when he arrives with their son Daniel, things don’t go as smoothly as she’d hoped.
— Writer/Director

My hope for this film is for it to play at a number of festivals and then be uploaded to Vimeo. This will ensure an audience for the film and what I believe to be its message to you.

If you want to help share the film, talk about it, or ask any other questions please take a look at our FILMS section. Or comment below.

Thank you for reading!