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SYLVA Art Nights: Leaf Preserving Workshop

Say whaaat? A Leaf Preserving Workshop? Sweet!

As we prepare for our upcoming event SYLVA, we will be hosting a series of DIY craft workshops where our members and friends are welcome to learn some cool techniques, have fun with cool people and get your hands in our production design! All we ask is if you're joining for dinner, that you contribute with us. Cheers!

Location: (Email

Time: 5:30pm - 8:30pm, with dinner break

Materials to bring with you: 10-20 leaves and an Iron (if everyone is able to bring an iron, that would be perfect, if not we can make do) *notes: Leaves should be dry. The more wet they are the longer, the process takes. If you can bring an iron, you won't have to share.

Later Event: October 4
Writers Forum: Workshop 1